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Pray for God to reveal ways we can make Him look good!

Growing up in a tight Christian community, a Christian school, family, and church, I heard lots of "Christian" terminology! One specific word that was used a whole lot was "Glorify!" as in "Let's glorify God," or "Glorify God with your life," or "All Glory to God!" I used these phrases in my everyday language, but I couldn't give an actual definition for what they meant. I started talking to God about this as an adult; I wanted to understand how I could actually glorify God with my life. The definition of glorify is, "To describe or represent as admirable, acknowledge and reveal the majesty and splendor of God by one's actions." I simplified that definition to mean "To make another look good!"

"For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God

in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Corinthians 6:20

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works

and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Prayer Tip #5 - Pray for God to reveal ways we can make Him look good!

So, how do I make God look good with my life? It's easy to imagine how to make another person look good, like my husband or a friend. I tell other people how awesome they are, cool stuff they have done, successes and accomplishments. I talk about their character, things I have observed by having an insight into their lives. Likewise, it’s difficult to describe someone I rarely talk to. I don’t know them in a personal way and if I did say anything about them, it would only be superficial with no value. Something like, “They have great hair,” or “That person is always at Costco.”

In the same way, when I am getting to know God, through talking to Him, reading His Word, and listening and discovering His attributes in circumstances, only then can I speak to His character, His knowledge, His wisdom, and who He is to me! My Healer, Provider, my Best Friend, my Refuge, my Strength, my ever-present Help! In turn, my actions and physical life start to display what I believe about Him and reflect my trust in Him!

I tell my kids before they get out of the van at school in the mornings, "Make Jesus look good today!" In childlike terms, "Be nice to your friends and helpful to your teachers!" Making others more important than yourself, being a good listener, being "like Jesus--" these things show that we trust our God and therefore make Him look good! It doesn't make Him look good when we constantly resist His guidance or try to be more like the world than like Him!

This realization draws me to seek more ways to make HIM look good with my life!

Prayer Points - (Pray over these requests)

  • Thank God for always being your Teacher and Guide.

  • Pray for a desire to glorify God in your thinking, speech, and actions.

  • Ask God to show you where you have not made Him look good with your life.

  • Ask God to help you commit your ways to Him.

Suggested Prayer - (Pray these words in your heart or out loud):


Thank You for leading me in all truth! I thank You, Holy Spirit, for constantly teaching me and molding me into Your image. I thank You for giving me an understanding of what it means to glorify You with all that I am! My desire is to make You look good to everyone I come in contact with this day! Please show me where I have not done a good job at this and show me ways to glorify You better!

In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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