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Welcome to Flourish - Mid-Way's Womens Ministry 

We invite you to gather with the women of Mid-Way as we endeavor to thrive, flourish and grow where God has planted us. What does it mean to Flourish? “Flourish” means: to thrive, to be healthy, to grow luxuriantly. Flourishing is often used to describe beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. Women want to be healthy, growing and thriving, but in this world, there are many things that pull us away from being what God desires for us to be. Flourish Women’s Ministry of Mid-Way is a haven for those who want to learn from God’s Word what it means to truly FLOURISH as a Woman of God, a daughter of the King of Kings.

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Michelle Staubs

Women's Ministry


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Ladies, we are excited to gather together on Friday, June 23rd at 7pm for coffee, treats, and fellowship! Listen in as Michelle and special guests share from God's Word and what it looks like to flourish in our every day lives!


1. To Engage women in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. To Equip women to live a godly life through the teaching of God’s Word.
3. To Encourage women to fulfill their God-given potential for His glory.