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Pray "Amaryllis Prayers" - 12.25.20

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Recently, I was so inspired by a beautiful song called "Amaryllis" by Christy Nockles. She wrote the song while in a difficult season of life, a time of searching and waiting. She felt like she was in a winter of the soul. During this time, her sister-in-law gave her a beautiful, potted amaryllis bulb with an encouraging letter. As she watched for growth from the amaryllis, a tiny green shoot emerged, then a stalk, then eventually a beautiful red boom. This inspired her so much that she wrote the song reflecting on the Christmas amaryllis, and how it blooms even when it's cold and dark outside. She was reminded that Jesus was born after a long dark season of waiting, the longest winter the world had ever known. This is one of my favorite parts from the song: "Like an amaryllis, blooming at Christmas, when everything is cold and dark, Your love breaks through and You shine, Oh how You shine! With the brilliance of summer, right in the middle of winter! Ever surprising the night, like a Christmas Amaryllis." I love that we can be so moved by God's beautiful creation that it causes us to stand in awe and wonder at our glorious Creator-God who calls forth beauty from the most unlikely of places. And it reminds us of Jesus, God Son, who came to earth, surprising the night, and bringing His beautiful grace and truth with Him.

Prayer Tip #33 - Pray "Amaryllis Prayers"

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11

What are "Amaryllis Prayers?" No, the word "amaryllis" is not mentioned in the Bible. But we can learn from this glorious flower. Just like the amaryllis, we are part of God's creation. And we too go through many seasons of life. A time of planting, a time of growing, a time of blooming, a time of waiting, and a time of pruning. Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 says, "To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven." Our prayers during this time of waiting are "amaryllis prayers" as we patiently entrust every season to Jesus. The beautiful amaryllis flower is just one of the many symbols in God's great, vast, expansive creation that reminds us that we can hope in our Creator. The earthy and stringy bulb shows us that God can bring beauty from any person, anything, at anytime, during any season. Yes, He can even bring beauty from your life, your past, and your mistakes, if you give them to Him. He is the Master Gardener, carefully planting, tending, nourishing, and pruning us, so we can flourish in Him. The same God that created the beautiful amaryllis flower, invites you into a personal and meaningful relationship with Him! We can have faith that He is working during every season and stage of our lives. We can entrust Him to bring forth beauty that reflects His glory, even in the hardest seasons.

Prayer Points- (Tell this to God)

  • God, please reveal to me what You trying to teach me during this season. I don't want to go through this time without learning, growing, and flourishing in You.

  • Lord, You are the Master Gardener, and I entrust my life, my hopes, my dreams, and my plans to You, even in the hard seasons of my life when things don't make sense.

  • Jesus, I'm surrendering my life to You. I've tried to run it on my own, and there's not much beauty in it. I need You to tend me, prune me, cut away what is dead, and bring about new growth.

  • God, You are my Creator, and I give every season of my life to You and ask You to bring forth beauty from me that honors You and reflects Your glory.


Dear Lord,

I thank You for the birth of JESUS, Your beloved Son, and the Christmas Season. I thank You for Your beautiful creation that inspires awe and wonder as I reflect on the mighty, Creator-God that I serve. I thank You that You are LORD over every season and I ask You to call forth beauty from my life that honors You. I confess that I've tried many times to run my life on my own, and when I do, there's not much beauty in it. I ask You to shape me, prune me, and trim away what is dead to make room for new growth. I want to grow and flourish in You. I trust You, JESUS, and HOPE with anticipation at what YOU will do in my life.

In Jesus' Name, Amen

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