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Acknowledge Him - 8.14.20

Women's Prayer Team | Week 14  

I thank you for praying for our church family and Pastors! Your prayers are making a difference. Just this week, some of our Pastors had to deal with an unexpected situation, and in the midst of that, a group of ladies were praying together over Zoom! So I can say that without a doubt your prayers are impacting our church family! 3:30 Prayer Challenge - Plan to call someone to pray with them over the phone about whatever is on your heart! PRAYER TIP # 14 - Acknowledge Him "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."  - Proverbs 3:5-6 How do we acknowledge God? "Acknowledge" means to "recognize the authority of; to take notice of." When we go to God in prayer, and bring our worries, problems, and concerns to Him, we are "acknowledging Him." Presenting our requests to Jesus and asking for His help and guidance is showing that we realize His authority and take notice of His ability to help us. I love that this verse says "In all your ways." That means that God wants us to seek his direction and advice in everything we do - every little part of your life! No detail is too small to bring to God. A long time ago, when Grant and I were in Bible College, we prayed for a couch. No, we didn't even have a couch to sit on! In fact, we had very little furniture at all. But we prayed for a couch, and sure enough, after a little while, God answered our prayers. When we went to the mail room, we had a little note in our mailbox that said "free couch" with the name of another Bible College couple that was giving it away! Of course, we were so excited to see God answer our prayers in such a tangible way, and we were happy to have a couch to relax on! This taught me early on that God cares about even the smallest details of our lives, and wants us to "acknowledge Him" in everything!    This Week's Prayer Points - (Pray over these requests);

  • For wisdom, guidance and discernment for Pastor Grant and Mid-Way's Leadership.

  • For all those in our congregation with the coronavirus, or other sickness, to be completely healed in Jesus' Name.

  • For lives to be changed and souls to be saved as the Word of God is proclaimed each week on campus and online.

  • For God to protect us from the devices of the enemy by Jesus' precious blood.

SUGGESTED PRAYER - Father God, I come before You in Jesus' Name, and I humbly acknowledge Your authority and your rule in my life. I praise You that every detail of my life matters to You. I ask You to make me aware of my need to take my worries, problems, and concerns to You, for You can help me.  I pray for Pastor Grant, Mid-Way's congregation, and church leadership. God, I ask You to protect each person connected to our church family. Heal those who are sick, encourage those who are depressed, minister to those who are lonely, give joy to those who are down, and give rest to those who are tired.  I acknowledge that only You can meet every need that we have.  Lord, I pray that the services at Mid-Way would honor You and that Your Holy Spirit would convict of sin, encourage those that listen, and draw people to Jesus for salvation.  Lord, we ask for divine protection from the enemy for our whole church family, in Jesus' name and by His precious blood. I commit this week to You, asking You to work in and through my life. 

In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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