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Pray for a heart that delights in the Father

Women’s Prayer Team - Week 13

This past summer, I lived just south of Atlanta, Georgia for an internship. I knew no one and nothing about the area when I first arrived. My first week in Georgia was filled with many tears yet excitement to see what the Lord had in store for me, so I stayed. A lot of days I was lonely. A lot of days I wanted to go home to my family. And a lot of days I was just overwhelmed. But I challenged myself to finish the summer and lean into all the Lord was trying to teach me.

One word that kept coming up throughout the summer was, Delight. It was something that I never truly grasped until this summer and even still now continue to learn about. I was confident that Jesus loved me and cared deeply for me but the Father delights in knowing me. And not only that but I can delight in knowing the Father. That was something I never truly grasped. Over the summer the Lord taught me so much about who He is and how He designed delight. Recently, I have been reminded of this truth.

PRAYER TIP #13 – Pray to never lose a heart that delights in the Father!

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in his way; though he falls, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand.” Psalm 37: 23-24

“By this I know that you delight in me: my enemy will not shout in triumph over me. But you have upheld me because of my integrity, and set me in your presence forever. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! Amen and Amen”

Psalm 41: 11-13

These verses are a beautiful reminder to me that the Father delights in who I am and wants me to delight in knowing Him. Delight means to please greatly or great pleasure. We are told that when we delight in the Lord’s way He will establish our steps, and even when we fall' He still upholds us. David, in Psalm 41, is confident that the Father delights in him for God has delivered him from his enemy and set him in His presence forever. We too can praise the Lord for how He provided for us and delights in us. Our good God finds pleasure in us and we too can express great pleasure in knowing the Father. The goodness of our Father is greater than words can express!

This summer, in the midst of loneliness, I found new ways to delight in the Lord. From going on walks, to sitting in the park, to designing new art and even making new friends. I learned to enjoy being alone and enjoy sitting in silence. I learned how to fully delight in the Father. Coming back from the summer was no easy transition. When the business of senior year, part time jobs, ministries, and friendships began, I found myself longing for those days in a Georgia park where I would simply sit alone and enjoy the presence of God. I was missing my delight.

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of the importance in establishing a deep relationship with the Father. I am reminded of the importance of slowing down and sitting in the presence of God. I am reminded of the importance of delight. I often find myself spending a rushed time with the Father as I have a list of assignments hanging over my head but a few days ago I took time to slow down. As I sat outside and opened my Bible to read, the Father reminded me of the joy that comes when I delight in His presence. I was reminded the importance of being still in the presence of the Lord. I encourage you to join me in slowing down and delighting in the presence of the Lord this week! I encourage you to find ways in which you can delight in knowing the Father deeper.

Prayer Points:

  • Lord, I thank You for how You delight in knowing me.

  • Lord, I thank You that I may delight in Your presence.

  • Lord, I pray I would never grow tired of pursuing You.

  • Lord, I pray you would grow a deeper desire for You and Your ways.

  • Lord, I thank you for Your goodness and mercy.

Suggested Prayer - Pray these words in your heart or out loud:


I thank You for who You are and how You care for me. Father I pray You would increase my desire to know You. I pray for a heart that delights in Your presence and in Your ways. I pray for new ways to delight in Your presence. May I find time to slow down and be still in Your presence. Jesus I thank You that You know me and take delight in me as Your child. May I never forget that truth. I thank You for establishing my steps. Thank You for Your goodness God.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Your Friend,

Elle Soistmann

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