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Pray for Resurrender

The Christian life begins with one decision. One significant and all-important moment when our soul is saved and our sins forgiven. Because of Christ and His sacrificial blood, we are given the opportunity to accept Him as our Savior and surrender all! While this is the biggest life decision that we will ever make, it is only the beginning of our life of continued resurrender to God on this side of eternity.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded."

James 4:8

Prayer Tip #3 - Pray for Resurrender

The Scriptures are clear that the God of our Salvation is to be trusted and takes our burdens if we offer them to Him. There are flaws in me that needed to be handed over to God after that moment of trusting Him with my life. For me, to be misunderstood is to have an itch that I can't scratch. In my flesh, I would have a need to control others' perception of me if I could help it. Once becoming a Christian, it was and still continues to be something I fight to forfeit to God. There have been many times when, after yielding something to God, I believe for a moment it would be more comfortable to handle it myself. We all have the opportunity and the choice to take back what we once had given to Him. To resurrender is to invite the Holy Spirit inside of us to examine our hearts and the status of our submission to the Lord. Hillsong Worship released a worship song this past November entitled, "Resurrender". The lyrics say this:

"You're turning over tables

And calling for return

To our lives upon the altar

The things we did at first"

In Revelation 2:5, Jesus is speaking to the church at Ephesus about their dulling passion and lessening love for Him. He instructs them to: "remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first." The Lord is calling us to repent, to cast our burdens to Him, and to surrender as we first did when we called on Him for Salvation. We have a choice, not only for our betterment, but also for the good and glory of our Heavenly Father through us.

Prayer Points - (Pray over these requests)

  • Thank God for His grace in sending Jesus to save us and give us the opportunity to live forever with Him.

  • Pray for a heart that is attentive to the Holy Spirit's convictions.

  • Ask God to help you to have a continued posture of surrender.

  • Ask God to help you to resurrender the things that you've taken back from Him.

Suggested Prayer - (Pray these words in your heart or out loud):


You are a good Father. Thank You for the perfect and gracious gift of Jesus Christ. I thank You that for some of us, we have made the single biggest decision of our lives in trusting You. The Holy Spirit sought us out, and we decided to put our faith and trust in You. Allow us to remember that day and exactly how it felt to be given an eternal place in Heaven with You. Thank You for carrying the weight of sin and death so that we don't have to. Help us to live a life of resurrender to You and Your will for our life. Fill us with Your Spirit, and allow it to investigate our hearts. Give us the humility to offer to You the things we believe we can figure out on our own. We need You, oh God. We love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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